Student Tours

When deciding where to stay - Students prefer the Chippewa Hotel Waterfront

The accommodations at the Chippewa Hotel Waterfront are perfect for student tours. Rooms can comfortably house four students each. With a total of 61 standard rooms and suites located right in downtown, the Chippewa Hotel Waterfront is the obvious choice for your next class trip to Mackinac Island!

Contact the Group Services Staff to create a custom package. As many or as few of the amazing Island activities can be included to meet the desired educational and budget goals.

Sample Itinerary Created by the Group Services Staff

Day One

Ferry Transfer to Mackinac Island

Dock Porter Service upon arrival on the Island

Island Overview and Fudge Reception

Pizza Party and Movie Night

Sleeping Accommodations

Day Two

Breakfast in the Pink Pony

Carriage Tour

Lunch in Pink Pony

Entrance to Historic Fort Mackinac

Evening on Own

Sleeping Accommodations

Day Three

Breakfast in the Pink Pony

Dock Porter service to the Ferry Dock

Sack Lunch

Ferry Transfer off Mackinac Island

Group Services can put the entire program together.
Please call (866) 847-6575 or (800) 241-3341 for custom rates and availability.
To contact via the internet, please use