We have stayed at the Chippewa Hotel on opening weekend for at least the last 10 years. Bart, Brian and the staff treat us like old friends from the moment we walk through the door. Over the years we have grown accustomed to the beauty of our view out over the water, the excellent food from the Pink Pony (Bar and Restaurant) and the exceptional staff that we find there. There is nothing better than sitting on the terrace sipping a Pink Pony Rum Runner and watching a Great Lakes freighter sliding by in the shipping channel. We can’t wait to get on our bikes to ride and explore this amazing island get away and spend the evening in our luxurious hotel being treated with such excellent care. This is the only hotel we stay at when we visit, and when we come back to Mackinac Island for a day over the summer, we stop in and say hello and still they treat us so well. The Chippewa Hotel is truly a treasure.