I’ve been coming to the island for over 20 years, multiple times during the summer as well as making the trip to the Island via the Ice Bridge in the winter months. It’s not hard to get to know one of the Chippewa’s bellman (Archie) who has been on the Island most of his life.
Over the years we’ve had to stay at other locations because the Chippewa was booked. Our fault for not planning months ahead of time. All locations where we have stayed were nice but do not compare to the accommodations at the Chippewa.

The Chippewa is located across the street from the local grocery store, nice restaurant on site, local bar with live music in the Pink Pony which is attached to the hotel and the large hot tub located out front. What’s not to like while sitting in the hot tub with a cold refreshment, listening to some live music from the Pink Pony deck watching boats of all sizes come and go. And most important of all, we request our favorite room number (it’s a secret) to expose ourselves to the beauty of the marina, the view of the Mackinac Bridge, Lake Huron/Lake Michigan and from time to time watch a freighter pass by.

There is no other location that will give you the waterfront view like the Chippewa. With this view and the ambiance around, nothing compares. We always look forward to our multiple visits to the Island.