It’s getting to the point that we’ve stayed at the Chippewa so often I’m not even sure how many. I believe this was our 4th or 5th time within the last 8 years. We obviously enjoy our stay immensely if we’ve been back more than a few times! It’s always friendly, clean, accommodating, and offers so many waterfront dining options. The Chippewa location is unique in that it offers many views… even when sitting at the outdoor bar area. With all this being said, I do have to admit that this most recent stay was not our favorite room. For the first time we opted to try out the “regular” (deluxe, I believe) street view facing rooms. I had requested a higher floor and a king bed. We were given 2 double beds and second floor. It was a nice room and quite large for a regular non-suite room. The bedroom area was very spacious with two nice windows but the view was slightly obstructed by the large flat roof/patio looking rooftop that’s not available to use/walk on. The bathroom was ok but very little counter space. Fortunately there was a large coffee area/counter with mirror outside the bathroom which helped. We were a little surprised that with all this space there was not a mini fridge at the very least. Again, not a bad room but my review of it is not a top score because of two main reasons… second floor obstructed view and sound barrier issues. We could hear the lobby music all night long. It was just loud enough to be bothersome… it almost sounded like someone trying I ture their guitar all night. ☺️ Anyway, I hate to complain because we do LOVE staying here! Next time I’ll just be sure to book a harborfront suite on a higher floor. Housekeeping is wonderful. Pink Pony bartenders are the BEST. Jonny was great. Other than having to compete for space with a few different wedding parties, we enjoyed our dining experiences immensely.