We love Mackinac Island and plan a trip at least once a year.

Last year was the first year we decided to stay at the Chippewa Hotel and what an amazing time we had during our long weekend stay. We had such a great time that when we decided to plan our trip for this July we again are staying at the Chippewa Hotel property.

Our hotel room was just the right size for the three of us during our stay. When you are on Mackinac you are hardly in your hotel room for any length of time, except however, for those mid-afternoon naps and we loved being on the Main Street side of the hotel too. We could hear the hustle and bustle of people during the day on the street and the clip clopping of the horse hooves at night to lull us into a great nights sleep.

Our daughter loved the hot tub in the back (and we did too after a long day of biking and hiking). We ate several meals at the Pink Pony (breakfast each morning – breakfast special), lunch once or twice, and a dinner. We also enjoyed the yummy Sangria made by the amazing bar staff while sitting outside near the hot tub with a wonderful view of the harbor.

We cannot wait to have our Chippewa Hotel and Pink Pony experience in only 3 months time!!!!