Remember when life was simple? A time and place when life was good?IMG_2514There’s a place where the 26,372 ft. majestic Mackinac bridge is a small backdrop of a much bigger landscape. A place where you can escape, dream and never seem to get your fill as your eyes absorb the wonder of it all. There’s a place that is good where people smile and make you feel at home. There’s a place that makes me go back in time, and a simple life was all that mattered.

IMG_2673While I love all of the seasons, the Fall and October at the Chippewa Hotel Waterfront is my favorite time of year.

IMG_2572We love seeing our friends at the Chippewa Hotel Waterfront and in the Fall, they have time where we can talk and catch-up as the pace is much more relaxed this time of year. My wife Brenda and I enjoy having lunch at our favorite restaurant, the Pink Pony with our good friends Brian and Jeri-Lynn Bailey. Brian is the GM of the Chippewa and Pink Pony and also serves as a Councilman on Mackinac Island.

AIt’s always like a family reunion seeing our friends Bart, who’s the very friendly, hospitable Front desk manager at the Chippewa Hotel Waterfront and the amazing Archie, dock porter extraordinaire. They both do a fantastic job and always take care of us like family.

IMG_1375Waking up to an October sunrise off of our balcony as the sun gently kisses the water is breathtaking.

IMG_2895It’s a time of change as leaves turn into a gorgeous symphony of red, yellow, orange and purple as they cascade down covering the grass and trails with a blend of colors on the island.

IMG_4213Arch Rock is always beautiful but in the Fall, it’s spectacular.

IMG_1433One of our favorite areas is taking in the amazing views at Sugar Loaf and feeling the peace and serenity. In October, it’s a symphony of colors all blended together.

IMG_4210Biking on Mackinac Island makes you forget where you are as you leave the world behind.

IMG_1423The real adventure begins when I trek into the depths of Mackinac in the Fall, explore the inner beauty and hear nothing other than the crunching of leaves as I pedal  and walk through the maze of roads and trails. A place where exploring takes on new meaning and Mackinac Island is calling your name.

IMG_4272On Mackinac, Fall is when you really feel like you’ve gone back in time more than the other seasons. To a time when life was much simpler with a peace and quiet that makes you want to never leave.

IMG_1066 2October is a time of change as Main Street is so peaceful at night, with less people and many people have left the Island to return to their homes and summer homes are being boarded up.

IMG_1354 From our room at the Chippewa Hotel Waterfront, a beautiful October sunrise reminds us that life is good on Mackinac Island.

IMG_4294We all have places that take out breath away. This is mine. An October trip to the Chippewa Hotel Waterfront is calling your name. You’ll love the relaxed pace so you can take in the majesty of falling back in time one last time. It’s not too late to call the fine team at the Chippewa Hotel to make your October reservation. When you call, tell them I said hi! 

Enjoy going back in time one last time this October. Once you come back, you’ll never want to leave.

George Piliouras for The Chippewa Hotel